Tweet All About It: All downhill from here

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “For Seattle-area skiers, this might be the year for a trip to Aspen, Colorado, particularly if you purchased the Ikon Pass — good for several days at Aspen’s four mountains.” — @seattletimes

• “I really need this money to stop playin because I’m suppose to go to Portland and Florida in January and Aspen in February. At this rate I’m only making it to my couch.” — @murrrsayds

• “sometimes i think ‘damn, at my age, my parents had been married a few years! they were so far ahead. such mature adults!’then i remember they also still didnt have kids, were ski bums in Aspen and regularly doing coke. so they were both more mature AND more cool than me” — @barleypoop

• “We want to give a big JAS CONGRATS to past #JASLaborDayExperience artists @KeithUrban & @carrieunderwood who took Entertainer of the Year & Female Vocalist of the Year @ the #2018CMAs last night! See who else took home a W — who knows they could end up on the JAS Stage” — @JazzAspen

• “@lancearmstrong I’ll give you a free watch if you run all the streets in Aspen.” — @rickeygates

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