Summer love happens so fast |

Summer love happens so fast

When I look at a weather map of the United States, an evil grin comes across my face. Record heat, near 100 percent humidity, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and the list goes on.

But not here in paradise, where one little speck of white in our Colorado blue sky demotes the “mostly sunny” forecast to “partly cloudy.”

It seems that it’s been a chamber of commerce, postcard day since it stopped snowing. Bright blue skies, intense sun, moderate temperatures, gentle breezes and everything in bloom has me outside every chance I can get.

I was jonesing to get outdoors for weeks earlier this spring, when I was physically unable to do much because of a doctor’s mistake. (Trust me, that’s all you need to know.)

But with my stamina back at nearly 100 percent, I’ve been running out the door for my morning fix of Rocky Mountain fresh air.

I’ve been spending most of my time chasing a little white ball around the Aspen Golf Club. I could spend the entire day walking that course with its 360-degree views of the valley.

But of course, I don’t golf all day because of this job thing. But also, because like most Aspenites, there’s competing activities to juggle.

Within a couple of minutes, I can be hiking Ajax, Sunnyside, the Ute, Hunter Creek or Smuggler. I’ve been on all of them in recent days. But the chances of you seeing me are slim to none. That’s because I don’t want to see you; no offense. I go when it’s early in the morning so I can get some solitude. I know I won’t get it any other time once the day trippers begin their slow ascent up the trail, so I set the alarm and hoof it at the crack of dawn.

The early-morning experience on the Hunter Creek-Smuggler loop is so peaceful, yet there’s a bit of an edge when I’m alone. I was looking in all directions, hoping I wouldn’t find myself in between a bear and her cubs, or worse yet, a moose staring me down above the trail.

Once I pop out by the observation deck on Smuggler, there’s a little sense of relief that I didn’t run into anyone or anything while back there in the Hunter Creek Valley.

I’m so happy it’s summer. So much more to do still — road biking, mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding, disc golf, camping and rafting!

On Sunday I had the perfect summer day lineup — 18 holes, followed by a couple of hours poolside and then listening to the first music festival concert outside while lying under the Aspen trees fluttering in a perfect breeze and against the blue sky.

I never take it for granted how good we have it here. We are so lucky living the dream while all the schmucks suffer elsewhere.


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