Putting the vaccine issue in another context

The vaccine issue is more than just a discussion about whether vaccines work.

It is really a much bigger ideological or philosophical discussion about whether the government should have the right to mandate or force us to put something into our bodies.

Let’s just say, for the sake of discussion, that we have a situation where the government is being influenced or manipulated by an industry or some special interest. This is only hypothetical.

That special interest claims that it has come up with scientific research that it has a cocktail made up of mercury, aluminum, MSG, latex, embryos from pigs, chickens and cows, carcinogenic ingredients, live viruses, salt and pepper, and a few other secret items.

Now we can substitute this cocktail with anything else. It could be radioactive substances from Fukishima. It could be heroin or LSD. Maybe it is lead or arsenic. Perhaps it is sugar, tobacco, or gasoline. It could be fluoride. Heck, it could be vitamin C or wheatgrass juice. It could even be raw sewage.

This raw sewage could be called a four-letter word that starts with “S,” ends with “T.”

Research shows that this raw sewage is so good that every man, woman and child should either be injected with it or should have a cocktail of it. They may even say that every newborn baby should have around 50 shots (mixed with tequilia) before they are 6 because it is so good.

Now you may say that something doesn’t smell right about this. It doesn’t feel or taste right. There is something that doesn’t quite sit right with you.

What are the real ingredients?

You may choose that you would rather make some healthy lifestyle choices to try to get the same benefits as this raw sewage. Heck, you may even choose to make some unhealthy choices instead of taking this raw sewage.

Now, your neighbor may come along a tell you that you have to take this new raw sewage cocktail.

You may not really think that much of your neighbor’s opinion. You may not even want to go over to your neighbor’s cocktail party.

Suddenly you realize that more people are drinking this raw sewage cocktail and you are starting to feel like the odd person out.

Yet, your research and information make you question whether this raw sewage is really that good for you.

Shouldn’t you have the right to decide if you put this raw sewage in your body?

How would you feel if the government (influenced by the raw-sewage industry) started mandating that you had to put this raw sewage in your kids before they went to school? Actually, you could not do anything until you were certified that you had consumed your raw sewage.

Do you think that you should be able to decide whether you want to put this raw sewage in your body?

Just some food for thought.

Tom Lankering