Photos: Aspen Misc., readers get their share of bears |

Photos: Aspen Misc., readers get their share of bears

Staff report
Dog rules don't apply to black bears as evidenced by this photo taken in September.
Michael Slone/Special to The Aspen Times |

It has been a busy summer and fall for bear activity in the Aspen area, which has meant plenty of opportunities to capture the furry creatures on camera.

It’s also worth noting that taking photos of bears was discouraged in September by the Aspen Police Department, which issued a statement condemning taking selfies with bears or photos of them in trees because “it only creates bigger crowds showing up for bear viewing.”

However, many people, both of the tourist and local sort, found the urge irresistible to snap photos of the hungry bears, especially during September when they roamed through downtown Aspen in search of food before hibernating.

Today we offer you a sampling of some of the photos readers took of bears in the Aspen area. Here’s hoping the bruins have filled their bellies and will be hibernating sooner than later.

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