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OrthoAspen, Hospital for Special Surgery team for pop-up this weekend, Monday

A woman bends her back as a computer captures the image through DARI technology. Aspen Valley Hospital and Hospital for Special Surgery will host a pop-up using the technology Saturday at the Gondola Plaza and Sunday and Monday at AVH. Users won't be charged to participate.
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Want to improve your tennis game or golf swing? Perhaps your running form could use some fine-tuning? Or maybe you’re rehabbing from an injury, or want to prevent one.

Over the weekend as well as Monday, OrthoAspen, a department within Aspen Valley Hospital, and its new partner, New York-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), will offer free analyses of individuals’ body movements and motions through tests administering technology that gained FDA clearance last month.

The three-day pop-up event will use the DARI markerless motion-detection system in which users will receive a personalized report about their movements including mobility, symmetry, strength and alignment. Participants will be tasked with jumping, balancing, and other exercises to assess their musculoskeletal health.

The pop-up will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday on a first-come, first-served basis at the Gondola Plaza at the base of Aspen Mountain.

It also will be available from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at AVH and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday at AVH. Appointments for those two days can be pre-booked by contacting Holly Keating of OrthoAspen at hkeating@aspenhospital.org.

Users need to keep in mind, however, that they won’t be receiving medical advice, said Robert DiGiacomo, assistant vice president of Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Centers at HSS.

“That’s not appropriate for this type of setting,” he said.

DiGiacomo noted participants will leave armed with more knowledge about their bodies’ athletic potential and limitations through a process that should take about eight minutes.

“You’ll get feedback on the way to prevent injury and improve your performance,” he said, adding “we really get a picture of the whole body.”

The technology already has been employed by such major collegiate athletic programs as Notre Dame, Florida State University and the University of Colorado, as well as professional sports franchises including the Sacramento Kings and Baltimore Ravens.

Yet, you don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from the examination, DiGiacomo said, noting it also can benefit those wishing to improve their athletic performance or get over an injury. Data mined from the tests also canv help prevent injuries for young athletes whose bodies are still growing, as well as adults, he said.

HSS has exclusive hospital use of the DARI technology, which is owned by Scientific Analytics Inc.

“We are excited to work with HSS to advance new standards in motion health and disrupt areas of health care where we continue to build upon our innovation leadership — as indicated by the recent FDA clearance of DARI Health,” said Todd Gleason, president and CEO at Scientific Analytics, in a portion of a statement announcing the alliance with HSS.

HSS’ show-stop tour of the technology included a CNBC event earlier this week in New York. One purpose of the Aspen pop-up is to gauge the level of interest in the local market, DiGiacomo said.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the technology as this whole field continues to grow,” he said.

The DARI technology is in its infancy, similar to the birth of the automobile, DiGiacomo said.

“I think what we’re working with is like we just discovered the automobile,” he said. “It will keep improving and improving and get to the hybrid (vehicle). It’s just the beginning.”



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