On the Trail: OK, so I guess I’ll do some hiking now that my bike is disabled

My hiking season is coming to an abrupt and unexpected start this weekend.

That coincides with my biking season coming to an abrupt and unexpected stop, at least temporarily, last weekend.

I was celebrating my birthday at Capitol Creek Brewery on Friday evening with my wife, daughter and some friends when I came up with the brilliant idea of a late-evening ride with my frequent riding partner Keith. We figured we could gear up, meet and whip through the Glassier-Buckhorn loop just as it got dark. What could go wrong?

We had a hell of a good time. The climb up Glassier was perfect in the late-day shadows. On the twisting, turning downhill I actually gave out a whoop before I heard a sickening sound and felt my frame brush my rear tire. The rear triangle of my frame sheered off in two spots in a clear break.

We were halfway through the loop, so I started the hike-a-bike down Buckhorn shortly after sunset. Keith headed to his house to pick up his truck and meet me at Rock Bottom Ranch. His parting words were reassuring — “You’re probably screwed with the mountain lions.”

I wasn’t all that nervous since the waxing moon was already fat and bright. Nevertheless, whenever I crossed through tall, thick brush I whistled. No need to startle a sow bear and her cubs. (Why oh why “Crocodile Rock” was the first song to pop into my head, I will never know.)

It was actually a pleasant hike out. I’m still waiting for word from Specialized on a replacement frame or triangle.

Meanwhile, I’ve started racking my brain for some hikes I want to get to. I don’t particularly care about bagging fourteeners. Mountain lakes are nice but not a necessity for a destination. My thing is mining ruins. I’ll probably head over toward Twin Lakes to a hike that’s been on my list for quite awhile. And I’ll cross my fingers that I’m rolling again before too long.