Monday Business Briefs: Aspen retail up, real estate down this year |

Monday Business Briefs: Aspen retail up, real estate down this year

Staff reports

Aspen retail up 5 percent for first half of 2018

The first half of 2018 for Aspen retailers showed their revenue was up 5 percent compared with the same period in 2017, thanks to $374.4 million in sales.

The city released its monthly sales tax report for June last week. The report came out later than usual because of issues with a city server.

With $65.2 million in sales, June also was 5 percent better than June 2017, according to the report.

Retail industry figures for June, which the city said represents nearly 8 percent of total sales for the year, were as follows:

• Accommodations — $18.6 million, up 7 percent over June 2017

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• Restaurants/bars — $11.3 million, up 4 percent

• Sports equipment/clothing — $2.5 million, up 7 percent

• Clothing — $5.2 million, up 14 percent

• Food/drug — $4.7 million, up 5 percent

• Liquor — $977,856, up 9 percent

• Miscellaneous — $7.3 million, up 24 percent

• Construction — $6.5 million, down 19 percent

• Luxury goods — $2.5 million, up 4 percent

• Utilities — $2.8 million, down 4 percent

• Automobile — $2 million, up 23 percent

• Marijuana — $839,076, down 2 percent

Property transfer taxes on decline

The city also reported that its July collections of real estate transfer taxes were down 48 percent for the affordable-housing portion of the fund and down 47 percent for the Wheeler Opera House coffer.

The housing portion drew $836,458 in July; the Wheeler segment brought in $432,004.

For the first seven months of the year, the housing fund made $4.9 million and the Wheeler portion brought in $2.5 million, which is about 11 percent below January through July of 2017, according to the report.

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