Mitsch Bush is a voice for a more just, equitable, sustainable and prosperous future |

Mitsch Bush is a voice for a more just, equitable, sustainable and prosperous future

It may be time to identify, carefully, the traits of character and skill and knowledge necessary for our elected officials. To base one’s decision on sex (male or female), or stated opinion on one current issue, amount of money spent in a campaign, or social position is to ignore the traits necessary for success as our representative in Congress.

Some of us may be tired of looking at the halls of Congress and a room of fat, old, bald headed men who refuse to do their homework or refuse to sit down to a responsible discussion in order to come to a workable conclusion, but that, alone does not mean one should vote for the woman candidate. One should vote for Diane Mitsch Bush because she is well informed, willing to identify issues of substance, able to do research and state a position on those issues, open to old and new ideas, and skilled in the art of working with colleagues to derive a plan for resolution.

Mitsch Bush’s life experiences in rural Routt County, her active participation in her community, and her work as a county commissioner in Routt County, a college professor, and a Colorado State Representative, have honed the skills necessary for her to succeed as our representative in Congress for Colorado District No. 3.

Not only will Mitsch Bush do the research necessary for a real understanding of the issues, she will use her well- developed skills for analysis and persuasion, and she will take action on those issues the residents of House District No. 3 support.

Dorothea Farris


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