Mini-mayor shares favorites with Sunlight patrons |

Mini-mayor shares favorites with Sunlight patrons

New Sunlight Mountain Resort Mini Mayor April Carter.
Chelsea Self / Post Independent

New Mini-Mayor April Carter, 6, has plans for Sunlight Mountain Resort.

Perhaps unexpectedly, they involve garlic chicken.

Among what she would like to do in her first 100 days in office is add garlic chicken to the lunch menu, an homage to her father, Trevor.

“It’s really good and yummy. My dad makes it very good,” she said.

In fact, she thinks her dad should make the dish at Sunlight.

“I think Dad’s is the best,” she said.

But, as is typical in politics, even the top elected officials don’t always get what they want.

“Sunlight operates similar to a democracy, so April has presented her Garlic Chicken Bill, and it will be weighed and vetted by the Sunlight Executive Team, including our food and beverage director,” Sunlight sales and marketing director Troy Hawks said in an email. “Again, she is going to have to make her case in order to get her bill passed.”

Beyond the lunchline

While she’s willing to share her favorite meal, April is not willing to share coronavirus.

In the profile she submitted to Sunlight as part of her campaign, she said, “I would make sure that the guests of Sunlight feel safe and are enjoying their mountain adventure. First off, I would have hand sanitizing stations throughout the lodge.”

She also wants to raise literacy awareness by painting a lift chair green.

What is the significance of green when it comes to literacy?

“I don’t know,” she giggled.

She would like to donate 10% of the proceeds from garlic chicken sales to Literacy Outreach, presumably because they need the green.

The final goal in her first 100 days is to host a coat drive, though with COVID concerns she’s not sure Sunlight will be willing to do that. So, she’ll find another way to do it.

April’s mother, Jessica, said Cactus Valley Elementary in her hometown of Silt has expressed willingness to lend a hand.

Jessica said she has talked with Brandie Yost, president of the Cactus Valley PTA.

“She said she’d be more than happy to help out with (the coat drive),” Jessica Carter said.

There are benefits to being mini-mayor beyond menu manipulation.

“The mini-mayor is entitled to a free season pass, a new pair of skis or snowboard (think Air Force One) plus a seat at Sunlight’s Executive Table, which, in the era of COVID, will take shape this year as an Executive Zoom Call,” Hawks said.

April, who has been skiing Sunlight since she was 3, will opt for the skis despite her parents both being boarders.

“I love to ski; it’s like riding a bike without training wheels,” she said.

Woodland surprises

April is credited by Sunlight as being founder of the fairy mailbox.

Hidden away in the Enchanted Forest, the origins of the box are under dispute.

“I was under the assumption it was bestowed to Sunlight from an actual but unwitnessed fairy,” Hawks said.

In any case, April wants to add boxes on Ute, Grizzly, Charlie’s Glades and/or the new terrain, her mother said, which, it seems, would make a fairy mailbox available to every level of skier at Sunlight.

The fairy mailbox protocol is fairly simple.

“The fairies put stuff in it, and you can take one thing out of it and replace it with something else,” April said.

While Ozzy Osbourne might look for a pair of boots (“Fairies Wear Boots”), April has some specifics in mind about the contents of the boxes.

“I kind of want to see fairy necklaces and maybe a little bit of candy but not too much,” she said.

It’s another example of April wanting to let Sunlight’s patrons enjoy what she enjoys.

“It’s something she wanted to share with the public,” Jessica Carter said.

Gracious victor

April is thrilled to have been selected as mini-mayor. Thankfully, 100% of the ballots have been counted.

“When I found out, I was so happy and excited to have my mini-mayor adventure. Last night we did a video saying ‘thank you for your support,’” April said.

Her selection is well-deserved, Hawks said.

“From my perspective, April did a remarkable job with her on-camera interview. I think she won a lot of voters with her platform,” Hawks said.

Mom Jessica said April worked hard on her campaign.

“I am really proud of April,” Jessica said. “She took initiative and worked really hard on coming up with some ideas for her campaign. She went above and beyond my expectations with her videos.”

April had some words of wisdom in the profile she submitted to Sunlight.

“I want my voters to know that I believe that anyone can ski or snowboard. Just remember, ‘You can do it, and never give up, even if you fall down. You can always get back up. Remember it’s just snow,’” she said.

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