Luis Yllanes new director at Carbondale-based 5Point |

Luis Yllanes new director at Carbondale-based 5Point

Carbondale-based adventure film festival 5Point Film has named Luis Yllanes as the organization’s new executive director, effective Dec. 22.

Yllanes joins 5Point following a 12-year tenure at the Aspen Art Museum in various roles including most recently, chief operating officer, and a 20-year career founded in arts management and education.

Luis Yllanes

Luis Yllanes, who moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2009, also serves on the town of Carbondale Board of Trustees. For the last three years he was 5Point Dream Project juror, observing the opportunity the 5Point scholarship program has provided to Roaring Fork Valley high-school students.

“It’s my honor to join 5Point, an exceptional community-building institution that provides so much inspiration beyond its five-day event film programming,” said Yllanes. “The 5 points — purpose, respect, commitment, humility, and balance — are a philosophy for life, similar to the Aspen Idea, and embody a holistic purpose in terms of what it means to live, especially in the Roaring Fork Valley. I am excited to drive 5Point forward with mission-driven programming as we look ahead to bringing back our flagship event in person in 2022.”