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Harasser receives deferred prosecution for messages sent to former Roaring Fork Club co-worker

A manager within Aspen Skiing Co. earlier this month reached a plea deal with a Basalt prosecutor that will see his harassment charges disappear if he adheres to conditions laid out in the agreement.

Greg DeRosa agreed to the deal in Basalt municipal court Dec. 7, according to Town Attorney Jeff Conklin.

DeRosa received deferred prosecution for six months as long as he doesn't contact the victim, Vincent Russo, or his employer. Conditions also state that DeRosa cannot have any other criminal violations during that time period.

DeRosa did not respond to a voicemail message left at his Skico office.

The misdemeanor charge stems from a string of text messages DeRosa sent to Russo with the goal of preventing his former colleague from finding a job in the private club industry.

The two men used to work together at the Roaring Fork Club; DeRosa was the general manager and Russo the executive chef.

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But their professional relationship apparently ended badly.

DeRosa, who is now the manager of the private Snowmass Mountain Club, sent a series of text messages to Russo in August. The profanity-laced messages suggested DeRosa would work to keep Russo from getting a job in the industry.

After Russo responded, "Ok, who is this?"

DeRosa wrote back, "Your worst nightmare for finding a job at another private club."

Russo then contacted the Basalt Police Department, which ultimately arrested DeRosa and issued him a summons in September.

Russo has retained Aspen attorney Daniel Becnel, who said last month he plans to sue DeRosa in civil court for defamation once the criminal matter was resolved.


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