Fraser Writing Contest — Third-grade winner |

Fraser Writing Contest — Third-grade winner

Fraser Writing Contest organizer Jill Sheeley joins Aspen Elementary School student Reagan Ferrell, winner of the third-grade competition for her piece “Lost on Septune”
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Editor’s note: The following piece, “Lost on Septune,” written by Aspen Elementary School third-grade student Reagan Ferrell, took first place in the 18th annual Fraser Writing Contest’s third-grade division. Look on this same page Feb. 3 to read the two fourth-grade winners’ work.

Five years, six months and three hundred sixty four days since the girls had seen their parents. Emily and Rose were on a reddish orangish colored spaceship that was really fast, so it only took 7 months instead of 9 months to get to planet Septune. Even though they were so happy to see their parents, they were ready to get off of the spaceship! Emily and Rose were all settled in their yellow, pink, purple and blue sparkly room. They were so happy with everything they had and everything that they did on the spaceship. The intercom turned on and the pilot said, “Please start to put on your spacesuit because we will arrive on planet Septune in 45 minutes. Get ready to have some fun!” So as they were told, they put on their spacesuit and were so excited.

BOOM! CRASH! BANG! The spaceship just crashed! Emily and Rose could not stop screaming! They were so scared. After screaming for a while, they told each other it would be ok. So then they got the map, all of their stuff and headed out. They walked out of their room, down the narrow hallway and off the plane.

“Wait a minute!” Emily shouted confused, “We are the only survivors!”

“Oh, yeah,” Rose replied upset. “That is really, really sad.”

When they had gotten off the spaceship, they both were examining the broken down aircraft. They could barely keep their eyes open they were hurting so bad because of all the fire and smoke from the crash. Once they moved away from the fire and smoke, they looked at their map to find the base their parents were at. They saw something weird on the map that almost looked as if it were a glowing emerald. Then Emily and Rose came to an agreement that the mysterious glowing thing was their parent’s base. So, they started to walk on the rocky, dusty trail that appeared to be on the map.

They had walked for miles and miles and the planet was all still blank! So then they walked a little more and froze in fear. There was a rustling out of nowhere and out popped a gang of naughty aliens! The aliens saw the girls, first and pulled out their weapons and started to attack the girls. The girls tried to fight back, but decided to run because they were frightened. Then they heard a “Psst! Come Here!” The sound was from a big, purple, round creature. Even though they were told never to go near a stranger, they had no choice! They escaped when the oldest alien started to argue with everyone about how he was the biggest and baddest and he should be the one to destroy the girls. This was their chance and the girls slid out of sight. Then the creature told them both to follow her to a place that was sunny and they could talk in normal voices. When they arrived at the creature’s base, the creature said in a sweet British voice, “Hi. My name is Clarice. What is yours?” Emily told Clarice the girls’ names and why they were on planet Septune. Clarice offered to help the girls find their parents. “Yes, please. But how do you know our parents are here?” they asked. “Oh you would be surprised what I know. I might be small, but I sure am smart!” She explained. Rose wanted to get going soon and Clarice agreed. So they started to walk down another path following the map. While they were walking, they were also examining the map to see where they were heading next.

They had been walking uphill for miles and panting from exhaustion. They stopped when they saw a beautiful lake to drink from but waited because they saw some crocodiles and were not going to drink from that water! Then they looked at how far out the water went and wondered how they would ever get across! Emily, Rose and Clarice decided to stuff their pockets with loads upon loads of rocks to distract the angry crocodiles. When their pockets were full, they prepared themselves for the unbearable swim. Emily went first, Rose went second and Clarice went last. When Rose and Clarice threw rocks, Emily swam with fear that the girls would miss one and she would die. Emily swam as fast as she could to the other side of the lake. Then it was Rose’s turn. So from two different sides, Clarice and Emily threw rocks and Rose swam as fast as she could to the other side. Last it was Clarice’s turn. Rose and Emily were ready to hit every crocodile, big or small, to keep their new friend safe. Clarice was so pumped! Emily and Rose pounded every crocodile except for one small baby that they just barely missed. The baby crocodile caught hold of Clarice while she was only half way across. The girls were screaming with agony in their hearts as Clarice was eaten violently! Now that Clarice was gone, the girls felt alone and sad because they had lost only friend on the planet. They started to look for the map. It was gone too! They sat down gloomy and depressed. “Emily, we have no hope left. Clarice is dead. The map is gone. We don’t know where mom and dad are. So we might as well sit on a rock and wait for mom and dad to come find us” Rose said. Emily agreed. So they sat on a rock and waited.

They heard a rustling in the woods and Emily and Rose freaked out! They were afraid that it might be the gang of aliens or something worse. Then, they saw a group of people, a search party, with their parents in front!

“Mom! Dad!” Emily and Rose screamed.

“Emily! Rose!” their mom and dad screamed back. They gave each other big hugs and they told the story of their journey.

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