Business Monday: Aspen lodges charging highest rates in Colorado |

Business Monday: Aspen lodges charging highest rates in Colorado

Aspen lodges charging highest rates in Colorado

Aspen’s lodges were 81.5 percent full in July and charged an average daily rate of $540.47, according to the most recent Rocky Mountain Lodging Report.

The occupancy rate ranked Aspen second among resort towns in the state; Steamboat Springs was tops with 85.3 percent of its room full. Glenwood Springs, which was not grouped in the resort-town category, had an occupancy rate of 88.7 percent in July while charging an average daily rate of $176.32.

Aspen’s average room rate in July was easily the highest in the state. The second most expensive lodge rooms were in Telluride, at an average rate of $298.57 per day, according to the report.

For January through July of this year, Aspen lodges have posted a 68.6 percent occupancy rate, edging ahead of the 68.2 percent mark for the same period last year.

Aspen lodges also are averaging $539.07 a day for the year, up from $507.40 for the first seven months of 2017. Vail had Colorado’s second highest room rate for the year, at $370.07 per day, according to the report. Glenwood Springs’ average daily rate for the year was $142.58.

The Colorado Hotel and Lodging Commission commissioned the report.

City seeks business feedback on sign code

The city of Aspen is seeking public input on how it can best regulate sandwich board signs for downtown businesses.

The city’s sandwich board signs are scheduled to be phased out Sept. 28 because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. However, City Council is considering possible amendments to the sign code at its meetings Sept. 17 and 24.

The City Council is seeking public and business-owner feedback to help it craft the new code. More information and a survey can be found at http://www.aspen

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