Basalt’s ‘Sidewalk to Somewhere’ will connect to former Bridge to Nowhere |

Basalt’s ‘Sidewalk to Somewhere’ will connect to former Bridge to Nowhere

A new sidewalk along Two Rivers Road will connect to the Spring Creek Bridge and allow pedestrians to loop through Old Pond Park and Basalt River Park.
Scott Condon/The Aspen Times

The Sidewalk to Somewhere is about to liberate Basalt’s Bridge to Nowhere.

Heyl Construction is wrapping up construction of a sidewalk along Two Rivers Road that completes a connection to Spring Creek Bridge. The sidewalk is about 500-feet long and 7-½-feet wide. However, there is a steep slope so a retaining wall had to be built and a handrail constructed. The cost of the project was $455,000 for everything from design to construction management. It had a 12.5% contingency, so the actual price might come in lower than $455,000.

Town Manager Ryan Mahoney said all funds are coming from the sales tax dedicated to parks, open space and trails. The money isn’t coming from the general fund.

He said the sidewalk completes an important loop of a trail that comes through Old Pond Park. The trails also connect to Basalt River Park. However, looping it required pedestrians or cyclists to travel a short distance on Two Rivers Road to return to downtown. Users also can cross Two Rivers Road from the bridge to access Sopris Drive, but there are no sidewalks there. Because the trail ended at the bridge, it was dubbed the Bridge to Nowhere.

Some council members flinched at the price but the project was approved 4-1 on Aug. 13.

Mahoney said he believes people will find the sidewalk part of an important amenity once it is in use. Connectivity of sidewalks and trails has been a high priority for the town. He dubbed the project the Sidewalk to Somewhere.

Heyl has until Dec. 1 to complete the project per terms of the agreement, but the firm has informed the town it intends to finish sooner, Mahoney said.

Traffic was reduced to one lane on a short stretch of Two Rivers Road during construction. Traffic was controlled by temporary signals. Two-way traffic will be restored when the project is completed.