Aspen’s new government office construction detours parking gargage entry |

Aspen’s new government office construction detours parking gargage entry

Staff report
Construction to demolish the old Aspen Chamber Resort Association building is nearly complete to make way for new city offices at Rio Grande Place.
Anna Stonehouse/The Aspen Times

On Monday, road closures on Rio Grande Place shift from the west to the east, forcing traffic to enter the parking garage off of North Mill Street on the upper ramp.

Rio Grande Place will be closed from the east side of the parking garage entrance to Founders Place, which is east of Taster’s Pizza.

That means there will be no access to the garage via Spring Street as that section of the road will be closed 24 hours, seven days a week until the beginning of June.

Motorists will exit the garage on the street level and turn left onto Rio Grande Place to head to Mill Street.

The city of Aspen’s new 37,500-square-foot municipal office building being constructed between Rio Grande Place and Galena Plaza necessitates the work.

All street parking along Rio Grande Place is closed and will remain that way until the beginning of June. Motorists should also expect parking closures in several spaces in the garage.

Based on site conditions, construction crews may have to periodically close the garage entirely.

They already anticipate closing it for a weekend — from 6 p.m. on Friday, May 17, to Sunday, May 19, at noon.

The blue staircase connecting Rio Grande Place and the plaza (the staircase west of Taster’s) is anticipated to have intermittent closures. During the closures, people are asked to use the Jail Trail for access.

Intermittent closures of the west parking garage staircase (connecting the parking garage and the Bank of Colorado) are anticipated.

Additionally, the south sidewalk along Rio Grande Place remains closed. The north sidewalk on the Rio Grande Park side remains open.

At a later June date, construction activities will require a full closure of the lower section of the staircase (between Rio Grande Place and parking garage level 2).

The date of this closure is to be determined, but the lower section of the staircase will be closed for the remaining duration of building construction, anticipated to be complete by summer of 2021.

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