Aspen Times, ZAPAZOO partner to help nonprofits through ‘Quarantees’ quirky clothes |

Aspen Times, ZAPAZOO partner to help nonprofits through ‘Quarantees’ quirky clothes

Staff report

A new project that is part fashion statement and 100% giving back to the community, The Aspen Times is partnering with Carbondale-based ZAPAZOO printing company to bring a little levity to the pandemic that has forever changed our lives.

The recently released “Quarantees” brand offers some quirky clothing options, and most importantly, all of the profits after production will go to a local nonprofit organization that could use our support during the crisis. This month, The Aspen Times has picked Pathfinders as the recipient of the funds.

“Speaking of ‘essential,’ Pathfinders touches lives in such a deep and personal way. Allison Daily and the tribe of true heroes at Pathfinders have selflessly given so much support to The Aspen Times family over the years, and the work they do in our valley comes straight from their hearts,” Aspen Times publisher Samantha Johnston said. “It is the acts of kindness and generosity and support from so many of our valley’s nonprofits that make our community so special.

“We hope that Aspen lovers from around the globe will appreciate a little levity and a lot of giving.”

The Aspen Times has been covering the impact of the crisis for the past three months, and we know how serious these times are. But this fundraiser hopes to provide a little comic relief and at the same time support our community with these conversation-starter shirts.

The collection, which includes high-quality T-shirts, hoodies and buffs in multiple colors, has saying and designs about what life changes we’ve gone through: social distancing, what we might consider our essentials (coffee, wine, toilet paper and that tiger show) and finding our Aspen Silver Lining. On the back, we’ve got a little shout-out to riding out the pandemic at nearly 8,000 feet and “From a Higher Place.”

“It’s kind of a ‘laughter is a good thing right now’ thing, so that’s how decide to approach it and make people smile,” said Bo Gallagher, who is an Aspen native and Aspen High and University of Colorado grad who started the local company in 2012 after college. “The whole thing is family-run. This is really a community effort. Other than apparel this is all the work is done here, done by the community for the community.”

To check out the collection and help support some great local causes, go to