Aspen Police look at more regulations to fend off bears |

Aspen Police look at more regulations to fend off bears

Bears routinely break into trash containers in the downtown core of Aspen, leading to conflicts with humans.
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A list of Aspen business and people who have received a citation or warning this year starting in January for unsecured trash offenses:

FIRST OFFENSE ($250 fine)

Jan. 3: Pyramid Property, 407 S. Hunter St.

June 6: Hops Culture, 414 E. Hyman Ave.

June 14: Shadow Mountain Lodge, 232 W. Hyman Ave.

June 18: M&W Properties, 205 S. Mill St.

July 18: Dominos Pizza, 732 E. Cooper Ave.

July 21: Furngulf LLC, 616 E. Hyman Ave.

July 25: Aspen Resort Accommodations, 914 Waters Ave.

July 25: Mi Chola, 411 E. Main St.

July 26: Diane Spicer, 600 E. Hopkins Ave.

July 26: Hotel Durant, 122 E. Durant Ave.

July 30: Art Aspen Garden, 233 W. Hyman Ave.

Aug. 1: Pines Lodge Development, Aspen St. and Durant Ave.

Aug. 6: Caribou Club, 413 E. Hopkins Ave.

Aug. 6: Maru, 320 S. Mill St.

Aug. 6: Steakhouse 316, 316 E. Hopkins Ave.

Aug. 8: Roaring Fork Resources, 620 E. Hyman Ave.

Aug. 8: Zanes Tavern, 308 S. Hunter St.

Aug. 14: 520 Grill, 520 E. Cooper Ave.

Aug. 15: Ink Coffee 520 E. Durant Ave.

Aug. 16: M&W Properties, 400 E. Hopkins Ave.

Aug. 16: The Public House, 328 E. Hyman Ave.

Aug. 19: The Red Onion, 420 E. Cooper Ave.

Aug. 21: Hickory House, 730 W. Main St.

Aug.22: Modern Luxury Aspen, 503 Hyman Ave.

Aug. 26: Hotel Jerome, 230 E. Main St.

Aug. 27: Madigan Co., 200 S. Aspen St.

Aug. 29: White House Tavern, 302 E. Hopkins Ave.

Sept. 2: Tatanka, 308 E. Hopkins Ave.

Sept. 9: 710 E. Durant Building


Aug. 18: Steakhouse 316, 316 E. Hopkins Ave.

Aug. 30: Hickory House, 730 E. Main St.

Sept. 3: Mill Street Plaza, 205 S. Mill St.

Sept. 9: The Public House, 328 E. Hyman Ave.

WARNINGS (no fine)

June 25: Clark’s Oyster Bar, 517 E. Hyman Ave.

June 30: Craig Melville, 333 E. Durant Ave.

July 1: Jour de Fete, 710 E. Durant Ave.

July 10: Mezzaluna, 624 E. Cooper Ave.

July 18: Michele Bodner, 601 E. Hopkins Ave.

July 25: Tatanka, 308 E. Hopkins Ave.

Aug. 15: Prada, 312 Galena St.

Source: Aspen Police Department

Aspen Police Chief Richard Pryor told City Council on Tuesday that his department plans to propose municipal code amendments later this year to further prevent bears from getting into trash.

One problem area that will likely be addressed is requiring businesses and residents to have locked recycling bins.

Currently, containers do not have to be locked, and they are proving to be an attractant for bears that have been habituated to human food sources.

“A big problem we’ve been seeing this year is bears getting into recycling containers,” said Ginna Gordon, supervisor of the APD’s community response officers.

She added that another big issue with unsecure recycling containers is that unauthorized people put their own trash in them.

The APD also is looking into trash enclosure requirements in an effort to eliminate human error.

As part of an update to council, Gordon said the APD has had 560 bear calls so far this year.

“That is a large amount over 2017, which was a full food failure year,” she told council, also citing that there have been 44 home intrusions so far this year. “That is an astronomical number.”

APD also has issued an unprecedented amount of tickets to businesses and owners who have failed to secure their trash.

An unsecured dumpster behind Steakhouse 316 on Hopkins Avenue led to a restaurant employee being bitten by a bear last month.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife euthanized the bear, per the agency’s policy when there is a human-bear conflict.

So far this year, 34 citations have been handed out to businesses and individuals for not securing trash, some of whom have received more than one.

Seven people have been handed warnings.

The first offense costs $250, the second offense is $500 and the third is $999, plus a mandatory appearance in municipal court.