Aspen housing authority gets strategic

Staff report

The Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority Board last week approved a five-year strategic plan for the organization and program, which is the first cohesive one that the agency has had in over a decade.

“The passage of this strategic plan is meant to make APCHA the best workforce housing program in the country,” said Mike Kosdrosky, executive director of APCHA, in a statement. “Our intention is to make sure that we are addressing what is truly important to the community. The strategic plan helps instill clear direction and discipline around the organization and program, basically everything we do, how we do it and when we do it.”

The plan sets five goals to achieve APCHA’s mission to establish annual priorities and projects that will drive the day-to-day work of staff for upcoming years. These goals also will be used to lay the groundwork for APCHA’s future annual budget requests.

The first goal aims to maintain and enhance the institutional structure and credibility of the program through financial and professional integrity, strong governance and “excellent decision-making.”

HomeTrek, the state-of-the-art digital information system APCHA is actively building, is key to achieving this goal, according to the news release.

The second goal acknowledges that the financial strength of APCHA relies on excellent management and a robust, well-cared-for housing inventory.

The third goal focuses on APCHA maintaining its accountability with the public, which requires open, transparent communication between APCHA, residents and the community.

A fourth goal is similar, and focuses on earning and maintaining the public trust.

The final goal is APCHA applying its housing expertise to help build community.

“Over its long history, APCHA has become nationally and internationally recognized for its expertise in assuring affordable workforce housing,” according to the statement. “As the workforce ages and retires, and as the way we work continues to change, APCHA will apply its expertise and policies to assuring the community addresses those changing needs. This includes expanding the housing opportunities available, aided by digitally tracking inventory. This also includes creating lasting regional partnerships with areas downvalley.”

Updating APCHA’s strategic plan every five years and creating an annual work plan are required by the updated intergovernmental agreement passed in 2019.

The plan will be reviewed and ratified by Aspen City Council and the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners.