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Local theater thanks

Dear Editor:

I want to thank everyone who helped make last Sunday’s “What’s Your Story?” such an amazing local event.

Big thanks to Paige Price, Theatre Aspen’s artistic director, for giving our community the Sunday Series, which included “What’s Your Story,” as well as many other local productions. Also special thanks to Christina Patterson, Lynn Aliya, Jennifer Slaughter, Colleen Finnegan, Sarah Schultz, Don Chaney, Mitzi Rapkin, Marilyn Gleason, Oliver Sharpe, KSPN, KDNK, KAJX, Plum TV and our sponsors, KSNO and Taster’s Restaurant.

And, especially, thanks to all the people who stood on stage and shared their funny/sad/silly/touching stories – Stewart Oksenhorn, Janice Estey, Sandy Munro, Clifford Irving, Jordan Dann, Dan Sadowsky, Jeannie Walla and Bob Braudis.

And REALLY big thanks to the sold-out audience who turned out to support local theater!

Barry Smith


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