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Local feels burned

Dear Editor:

I have grown up in this valley and have been skiing my whole life. I would like to thank the Aspen Skiing Co. for the slap in the face, and the death of the ski bum.

We all know what a self-built economic machine Skico has become. It started with the outsourcing of all the grunt work on the mountain. When was the last time you saw a liftie with the location on their name tag being a local town, or even from the state?

But that’s not the real issue here. What has me more upset than anything is the new measure passed in Aspen that RFTA will be running buses from Aspen to Snowmass for free. Who knows how many millions Skico is saving right there. After making it free for all to go from Aspen to Snowmass one might be inclined to think, “Hey, if I can get a free ride there and back, what else is Skico making more economically affordable for me?” And the answer is nothing, not a damn thing.

If saving millions wasn’t enough, Skico turns around and raises the cost of four-mountain pass to $1,500, and God only knows what it is now. So if you’re over 18 and live locally the only way you can afford a pass is to one, work full time so you can blow a month’s paycheck on a ski pass. Or two, and this is the option most of my friends have turned to, become an indentured servant to Skico with the luxury of a complimentary ski pass. Thanks, Skico, for the proverbial “screw you.”

Just remember your entire company was built off the backs and time of the local ski bum, and now our backs have become nothing more than stepping stones. You have bitten the last hand to feed you. Never again will I waste another dollar on anything associated with the Aspen Skiing Co.

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Richard Bolts