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Local business matters

Dear Editor:I was pleasantly surprised by the snow conditions on Aspen Highlands today (Sunday). I thought I would find some dust on crust but was quickly reminded why I live here. So after a great day on “the locals’ mountain” I thought I would help support a local business. At the new restaurant at the bottom of the mountain, ZG Grill, I was informed by a sign on the door that my business was not needed – they were closed for a private party. Around the corner at Crust Pizza, I was informed by another sign on the door that they were also closed for après-ski.I know that both businesses are owned by the same people and didn’t think they would be so rude as to close both of their businesses to the people that make this part of the valley great. I was wrong. The death virus of this town is now out in the open. The people that work and play here, that make sacrifices to live here, are not worthy customers and the money we spend is not important. The owner of Crust Pizza and ZG Grill does not want your business.I would like to implore the readers of this letter to vote with our money. Please join me in showing the owner of this business that the locals around here do matter! Please don’t spend your hard-earned money here at Aspen Highlands. Go downtown and stop by the Red Onion and give a true local some of your hard-earned money. Let’s turn the Red Onion into the Aspen Highlands après-ski location! The owners up here at Highlands sure don’t care!Mike LyonsAspen Highlands

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