Littwin: On why Republicans might settle for unlikable Ted Cruz |

Littwin: On why Republicans might settle for unlikable Ted Cruz

Mike Littwin
Fair and Unbalanced

My favorite moment of GOP Debate Night V — and I know it doesn’t reflect very well on me — came when Ted Cruz let his inner Cruz shine through.

This is the real test for Cruz. The outer Cruz can be, well, trying. The inner Cruz is another thing altogether.

We know he’s smart, cynical and ruthless in a way that reminds history buffs of the early Nixon (for you non-history buffs, that was a particularly nasty Nixonian chapter). We know he’s the only candidate gaining ground on Trump — and that’s he doing it by presenting himself as a slightly more palatable version of whatever it is that makes Trump work. We know his campaign is going just the way he had planned it because Cruz can’t stop explaining to anyone who will listen exactly what his game plan is.

And so, he will bear-hug Trump — at debate’s end, Trump was literally patting Cruz on the back and saying how much he liked him — and he will savage whoever tries to get between them.

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