Littwin: Clinton’s Benghazi hearing: Tragedy or farce? Why choose?

Mike Littwin
Fair and Unbalanced

If you somehow missed all 11 hours of the much-hyped, made-for-TV, Benghazi- committee grilling of Hillary Clinton, you don’t need to go to the video. I can sum it up for you in one sentence:

However low your expectations were for the House Select Committee, they were not nearly low enough.

What I mean is — and I’m asking the chair for an extra sentence — if Clinton has often been lucky in her adversaries, and she definitely has, she hit the jackpot this time.

This game was over before it began, of course. It was settled weeks ago when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy let slip in a radio interview that the entire 17-month investigation has been a politically-motivated witch hunt. But even so, I didn’t expect the committee members to be quite so dedicated to proving McCarthy right.

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