Little say for students, parents |

Little say for students, parents

Dear Editor:

I have two questions for the Aspen School District:

Is it the district’s intention to teach our children that commitments do not matter or that perhaps sometimes lying is best?

My daughter, a high school sophomore, has been in the Aspen School District since kindergarten and has seen the departure of an elementary school principal, a middle school vice principal and now her high school principal.

The departure of Art Abelmann and the fact that there is not one person who believes that he quit (seems out of character) is teaching our students the wrong lesson. I know as a parent of two children I have tried to teach them that although not all of their choices have the desired outcomes, when the going gets tough they have to stick it out – that is the definition of commitment. Sadly, the district is not teaching the same lesson.

My second question is: Why is the district offering meetings asking for parent feedback for the new principal hire? Really? Did I miss the survey that questioned our thoughts on Abelmann? Is there anyone who believes that our opinion makes a difference?

I am not pretending to know everyone; however, I do know that I haven’t spoken to one adult or more importantly one student who did not like our principal. What are they hoping to gain, and really, why bother?

Leah Davis


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