Little Red Schoolhouse reopens after basement floods |

Little Red Schoolhouse reopens after basement floods

Students to use bathrooms in adjacent building

The Little Red Schoolhouse is back open in Snowmass Village after a closure on July 12 due to flooding from an irrigation system that soaked the basement of the main building, director Robin Sinclair confirmed.

Snowmass Village Mayor Bill Madsen (left) and Little Red Schoolhouse Director Robin Sinclair assess the yard outside of the school house during a town council site visit on Monday, July 12, 2021. An irrigation system in the area flooded the basement of the building over the weekend.
Kaya Williams/The Snowmass Sun

The lower level of the child care facility, which contains bathrooms and is primarily used as a lunch and snack space, was covered in several inches of water over the weekend.

The liquid was mostly cleared out by the time Snowmass Village Town Council conducted a site visit July 12, but there was still much more work to be done to assess water damage and get the space back to a kid-ready state without a clear timeline as of July 12.

“However long it’s going to take is however long it’s going to take,” Sinclair said during the site visit.

In the meantime, children will use restrooms located in an adjacent building near the school house. Sinclair did confirm with child care licensing officials that she was clear to reopen using the auxiliary facilities, she wrote in a text message Tuesday afternoon.


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