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Lit Mag mania

Dear Editor:The Aspen High School is at it again. This year, like we always promise, will be better than any other year. In what, you ask? In Nepsa Merge’s Literary Magazine, of course. Nepsa Merge is the high school magazine published annually by the Lit Mag Team. All works are of current students at Aspen High. Most works come from previous creative school assignments, but this year we want different. This year we want to make it big. So we’re getting the word out:If there are any students at Aspen High who want something published – stories, songs, essays, speeches, plays, artwork, anything – we’ll put it in.We are also asking local businesses if they would like to donate funds toward the magazine. The Aspen Writers’ Foundation is our close partner in helping us publish this awesome anthology of students’ works, but we’re looking for more sponsors. Sponsors would receive space in Nepsa Merge to advertise, as well as a copy of the magazine. If anyone is interested, they can contact our fearless leader Nancy Roach at 925-3760, ext. 1215. Thanks for everyone’s help! Just wait until we get everything published!Tyler Baker and the Lit Mag Team


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