Liquor stores deserve a day of rest |

Liquor stores deserve a day of rest

To: Editor

From: Kim Vieira, Aspen

Re: Liquor sales laws

Your editorial supporting liquor sales on Sunday is ludicrous (“On the Seventh Day, open the liquor stores,” Dec. 2). You stated that in 2005 the store owners were against it as they wanted a day of rest. That was just two years ago. What makes you think that the store owners have changed their minds in just two years? We all need a day of rest.

You editorial states, “Sunday liquor store sales make even more sense for Aspen and other resort towns. Many visitors arrive here on Saturday, only to learn that they can’t buy booze on Sundays in what’s supposed to be a progressive town …”

I believe that many who come to Aspen already know that liquor stores are closed on Sundays and stock up when they arrive. After all, the stores stay open until 10 p.m. Affluent visitors probably have a well stocked supply of liquor and wine, as their property managers were diligent to have this ready for them.

Liquor stores in other states who stay open on Sunday say that they’ve seen a 9 percent increase in sales, but in this town, 9 percent increase for stores means 9 percent decrease for all the bars and restaurants who are able to serve alcohol on Sunday. There go the tips!

“We have to side with the consumer on this one. Anything that benefits the consumer is at least worth considering, and we’d guess that allowing liquor stores to operate on Sundays does just that.” Having grown up with alcoholic parents, Sundays were the only day of relief for my sisters and I. I lost my dad to alcohol abuse when he was 56, and my oldest sister when she was 42. Neither drank at bars, they drank at home.

Substance abuse of all kinds is suffocating our society. Why are you promoting having liquor stores open on Sundays as a benefit? The idea of it makes me sad.

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