Limited knowledge |

Limited knowledge

Dear Editor:It seems like I know less these days, but I believe there are a few things that I still know:1) I know that Saddam has recently chosen not to attend his trial. That’s not overly important to me. What is important is not to allow his diversions to become the issue. Iraq needs to proceed with the trial as reasonably expeditious as possible and establish the legitimacy of their justice system. Oh yeah, and fry his ass, too.2) I know Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, is taking all the guessing work out of the WMD equation for the next U.S. president. He’s just one more ill-placed quote away from acknowledging to the world that he’s proud to develop weapons of mass destruction and no one is going to stop him. I guess all that U.S. financial aid to Israel may come in handy after all.3) I know I’m finally convinced not to get on the wrong side of a postal employee. Of course, Aspen’s eclectic group doesn’t count. They’re great; not to mention they’re stable.4) I know trusting the United Nations with the safety of the world is like hiring Michael Jackson to baby-sit your kids. Not a good idea.5) I know I feel bad for Jill Carroll, the freelance journalist, who has become the first U.S. female hostage in Iraq. I may be callous, but I believe if you go to Iraq of your own free choice, either for profit or for an alleged higher calling, than you need to be prepared to deal with the likelihood that it may not turn out quite the way you wanted it to.6) I know there’s no T.O. in team. Terrell Owens represents everything that’s wrong in sports, from his agent to his ego to his tirades. Did Jake Plummer somehow miss the clips where T.O. chastised his quarterbacks on the sidelines in both San Fran and Philly? Part of me wants to see the Broncos make the trade just for the good drama it will provide on and off season. But a class organization like Denver will have more than a little chink in its armor if it adopts a “win-at-any-cost” approach. No guarantees to win, by the way.7) I know that a lot of Muslims in the world are a bit peeved over some cartoons. I think that over 130 people have died expressing their “right to free assembly” in recent days. I still don’t quite get it. It’s not like someone flew a jet into one of their landmark buildings senselessly killing thousands, Ah, the power of the mighty word … or cartoon in this case.8) And finally, did I miss the memo that gave the RFTA buses the divine right to pull back into the traffic flow regardless of where the other cars are?Now that I’ve written down most of my limited knowledge (biased opinion), I know I feel better.R. McClainAspen