Like father, like daughter |

Like father, like daughter

Pieta Brown opens for her father, Greg Brown, at the Belly Up. (Courtesy

When Pieta Brown opens for Greg Brown at the Belly Up this week, it will be a bit unusual, as the two haven’t toured together for a few months. But both father and daughter speak of how much they enjoy playing together. That musical chemistry is helped along by electric guitar player Bo Ramsey, who will also be at the Aspen show. “I consider Bo to be my soul mate, that’s about the best word to describe our situation,” said Pieta, speaking by phone from Iowa City, where she lives with Bo.”That’s one of the great things about music, it transcends age, whether you’re a man or woman, or black or white, I love that about music, and it only adds when you’re really close to someone,” she added.

Pieta met Ramsey when she was 17 (she’s 30 now); he had been playing with her father’s band for a few years. “I was a big fan of [Bo’s] sensibilities, not playing too many notes, playing just the right note,” said Pieta. “So I sent him a tape and he was really into it, and that’s kind of how all that started.”I had no idea when I asked him to work on my first record, that he would play [on the record], and that it would evolve into some kind personal relationship.”Pieta’s first record was released about four years ago, only a year after she first picked up a guitar. As soon as she had a guitar in her hands, though, the songs started to flow. She was soon playing small shows, bars and coffeehouses.

“I always felt that music was a part of my life,” she said, but “I didn’t really think about being a performing musician until I picked up a guitar.” As a performing musician, she, like her father, tries to follow the muse and just let the songs come.”It’s a very organic process, where sometimes the music comes in and the lyrics fall behind it, sometimes the other way around,” she said. “The music is the most important part of the song. I love lyrics and I love words, but you can have a song with no words.”With her recently released third album, “In the Cool,” it seems she isn’t having much trouble tapping into her muse. Though if she does, she’ll take a bit of advice from her father.

“My dad said that if I ever hit a wall then I should learn other people’s songs,” Pieta said. “There are so many great songs in the world already.”

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