Lights, camera … |

Lights, camera …

Sometimes in skiing, as in showbusiness, timing is everything.And dumb luck helps, too.Last Sunday, with several fresh inches underfoot, the plan was to spend the day in the Deep Temerity area, poking around for new lines and generally exploring the new terrain.But a guy on the lift who’d hiked up to the closed Main Gate on Highland Bowl and must have ducked a rope or something – he wasn’t too clear – was super jazzed about the snow up there.”Face shots everywhere,” or some such statement.Sometimes you just want to ski Highlands without hiking, and this was supposed to be that kind of day. But face shots always sound pretty good. Maybe a stroll up to the top of Mushroom to Hyde Park might pay off.About five other guys apparently had the same idea. Then, a little over halfway up, patrollers passed on a snowmobile. Hmmmm. The pace quickened.Just as we arrived at the top, patrollers grabbed hold of the closed sign and flipped it – aware, no doubt, of another showbiz rule: Give them what they want. Someone let out a “Free Willy.” We all giggled about our good fortune.A pair of dudes dropped in on Ballroom, and I broke trail to Mosh Pit, runs that may or may not have been open yet this season. At any rate, they hadn’t been open yet that day, and it was glorious. Deep and untracked all the way to the very bottom. Even the lower bowl, the throwaway runout to the new lift, was fun.Another lap would have been nice, but by then those without our luck were all on their way up to cut up that perfect snow. I went home. Besides, you know what they say in Hollywood: Always leave them wanting more.

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