Lighten up, Basalt |

Lighten up, Basalt

Dear Editor:

Welcome to Basalt, Colo. Before you enter our beautiful city limits please take time to read through this 25-page document listing the city ordinances and restrictions. Next, sign this contract that obligates you to adhere to these strict guidelines. Please use classroom voices and make sure you brush your teeth.

Give me a break.

Basalt is creating an environment where hoity-toity neighbors and HOAs run everyone’s lives. You have a choice where you live. If it’s too noisy I suggest you move. Basalt cannot simply bend to the preferences of a few citizens and restrict the freedoms of the rest. The atmosphere in the Basalt area is quiet enough without crazy restrictions. This is a horrible way to stimulate growth and a good way to encourage laziness. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

I have lived in multiple apartments with noisy neighbors. Sometimes you make more noise than your neighbors; sometimes your neighbors make more noise than you. It’s a cycle that sometimes you lose. Swallow your whines and focus your attention on something that’s actually important.

Ryan Janckila

Saskatoon, Sask.

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