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Lighten up

Dear Editor:Must be offseason, when a lighthearted Winterskl slogan contest transforms into a local “controversy.” (Note to City Council: Please reconsider mandatory offseason medical marijuana permits for locals with too much time on their hands.)Anyway, I wanted to publicly thank the Winterskl slogan committee for choosing my original submission (“It’s To Die For”), and allowing me to keep the prize.Fair warning to fellow sloganistas: I’ve resubmitted five new slogans (yeah, I’m competitive that way). But since the contest limits entries to a mere five, I have a bundle of extras I’m putting out as open source slogans for my pithy-expression-impaired friends. So feel free to use any of the following (unless your name rhymes with “Messy Lamb-Smell III”):- Winterskl 2012: Sanitized For Your Protection- Winterskl 2012: Haters Gonna Hate … Whatever- Winterskl 2012: Serious Fun – Seriously!- Winterskl 2012: Offending Killjoys Since 1951- Winterskl 2012: Yo Mama’s So Phat!- Winterskl 2012: 21 Percent Hotter Than Summerskol- Winterskl 2012: More Funner Than Usual- Winterskl 2012: Dear Editor, Blah-Blah-Blah … – Winterskl 2012: Go ‘Skol Yerself!- Winterskl 2012: Got ‘Skol?- Winterskl 2012: Heart & ‘Skol- Winterskl 2012: If You’re Close Enough To Read This 3-Inch Winterskl Button, I Get To Kiss Your Forehead.- Winterskl 2012: Mark Thomas Kicks Ass!- Winterskl 2012: I See Fun People!- Winterskl 2012: I See White People!- Winterskl 2012: I’ve Fallen, And I Don’t Want To Get Up.- Winterskl 2012: House Music Sucks- Winterskl 2012: I’d Like To Buy A Vowel- Winterskl 2012: Who’s Yer Daddy?- Winterskl 2012: Live Free & ‘Skol- Winterskl 2012: Passport to Stupidity!- Winterskl 2012: Vail Still Sucks!- Winterskl 2012: Because We Can- Winterskl 2012: Gluten-Free Since 1951- Winterskl 2012: Or Else the Terrorists Win.- Winterskl 2012: Shut Up & Party Already- Winterskl 2012: No Stinkin’ BadgesAnd to anyone I might have offended – get over yourself. It’s Winterskl fer chrissake! Hey, there’s another one!- Winterskl 2012: Get Over Yourself.See you around!Mark ThomasGlenwood Springs

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