Light up the town — it’s OK

But lights out after March 1, according to city of Aspen law

‘Tis the season to not violate a city of Aspen law that forbids holiday lights, which mandates that after March 1 they must come down.

The municipal government allows holiday lighting from Nov. 15 to March 1.

City officials this past May went on a public relations campaign about its regulations after receiving complaints that holiday lights were turned on before Nov. 1 and remained on past March 1.

The complaints ranged from energy consumption concerns to the glare that lights give off on adjacent streets and properties.

City Planning Director Amy Simon said after reaching out to violators, they took down their lights with no issue.

“We sent out enforcement letters by mail and all of the instances we addressed were brought into compliance with the lighting code,” she said via email.

Those who don’t comply can face up to a daily fine of $2,650, or imprisonment for as long as a year, according to section 1.04.080 of the land use code.