Light up the ‘Milk |

Light up the ‘Milk

Many moons ago I wrote a letter to the paper suggesting that adding night skiing to Buttermilk could help restore some life and activity.

I suggested that lights be put on the Government run to allow activities like night ski racing. Locals with day jobs could get a couple of hours skiing in before heading to their homes downvalley. A number of Olympic athletes got their start under the lights at Steamboat’s little Howelson Hill.

I thought that an outdoor ice skating rink would be fun. Families vacationing in Snowmass might want to drop off their kids while the parents went into Aspen for dinner. The possibilities go on and on.

But never in my wildest dreams did I envision the X Games at Buttermilk. This was before snowboards (B.S.). Who could have imagined super halfpipes, rails and high-flying (flipping) snowmobiles?

Who knows, maybe this time around people will see what a super community asset permanent lights at Buttermilk could be.

Patrick Hunter