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Light rail solution

Dear Editor: I cannot believe people are debating the best way bring four lanes into Aspen. Why try to cram more vehicles into an already small town more quickly?With the emphasis that the Aspen Skiing Co. and the city are placing on preventing global warming, it seems like we should be thinking of reducing traffic, not increasing it. I realize I am new to town and missed the early debates on light rail, but it’s not too late. Imagine a parking facility being built at the entrance to Snowmass, with a light-rail system into the city of Aspen.I have seen light rail in Europe that is built right into the road so new rail beds are not necessary. A gondola could be built to Snowmass from the parking facility and a gondola to Highlands at a rail stop. In fact, gondolas could connect all four ski areas, further relieving the mass transit system and be financed by users. All traffic beyond the entrance to Snowmass would be highly restricted. A second step would be to add higher-speed light rail to Basalt/Carbondale and Glenwood Springs.Robert PewWoody Creek

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