Light at the end of the tunnel for ABC construction |

Light at the end of the tunnel for ABC construction

When motorists drive through the construction zone outside of the Aspen Business Center on Highway 82, they’ll see signs that say, “Fines will be doubled in the work zone.”

Flatiron Construction, the contractor responsible for the work being done in that area, is dealing with its own fines associated with the project.

Flatiron was supposed to have the upvalley and downvalley bus stations, as well as the pedestrian underpass, completed no later than Nov. 27, but it hasn’t finished the project.

“The final date that the work was supposed to be done was nearly a month ago,” said Pitkin County Public Works Director Brian Pettet. “We’ve been in liquidated damages since then.”

Flatiron missed the first deadline for completion on Nov. 8 and began to accrue fines of $3,300 a day. After missing the Nov. 27 deadline, Pettet said the construction company has been charged $7,900 a day, bringing total fines to more than $250,000.

“It’s such a visible project,” Pettet said. “Flatiron has really been trying to catch up, but it’s been touch and go for them each day, especially with the cold weather.”

Flatiron Construction earned the contract to build the bus stations at the business center as part of Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s expansion. The underpass and bus stations are part of a $5.4 million project.

Pettet said that Flatiron was close to having the bus stations and pedestrian underpass functional, but not completed.

“We’re hoping that they’ll have the stations and pedestrian underpass in a condition where they can be used this week,” Pettet said. “If those areas are functional, the fines will stop.”

Flatiron could then come back in the spring to finish the project, which would still include landscaping, staining the concrete and completing the access routes to the tunnel.

“It would great if we can get the buses off the airport frontage road and pedestrians off of Highway 82,” Pettet said. “There will still be work to do, but this way we can get things running a little smoother through that area.”

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