Lift Up says thanks |

Lift Up says thanks

On behalf of the Carbondale office of Lift Up, I would like to thank the following volunteers who helped make our Christmas basket program successful.

To all the people who donated food, to Heather Wallace who collected food, and Holly Richard and her pupils from the Waldorf School who helped sort donated food.

Don and Jody Ensign and Linda Arnold, who gave us much-needed space for our donations.

Dan Wolfe of Paper Wise, Carbondale Vineyard, Mr.’ Cs Liquors and Main Street Spirits for supplying boxes.

Dick Tigue and Peter Stuart, Scott Chaplin and John Chromy for transporting donated food to our distribution center.

Jony and Peter Larrowe, Jenny and George Tempest and Annie and Will, Dick Veit, Andrew Schwaller and Monica and Emily, Bob and Cathy Gregg, who helped set up the food baskets.

Manuel Andrade and Carlos Herrera who, as well as translating, helped carry out the baskets to waiting cars. Kim Stacey, Sal Butto, John Hoffman, Ken Riley, Joe Burleigh and Tom Zambroski handed out baskets and helped with the cleaning up.

And last, to St. Mary’s of the Crown, for giving us the space for a distribution center.

Jane Baker Veit


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