Lift the curtain, see the world |

Lift the curtain, see the world

Dear Editor:

I was trying to devise a way to get into this – talk about the opinions surrounding a TV show, maybe comment on the Environmental Film Fest – but there is little I want to say other than what is keeping me up:

Look outside. Am I the only one to see the truth behind our society? In 1000 A.D. the world population was estimated at 275 million. Over the past 1,000 years it has risen exponentially to around 7 billion. The basis for that increase is the development of technology surrounding the exploitation of oil, the land, and, well, humans. Our society is ever-expanding. But tell me, how can we continue our growth when it all depends on quantified commodities? The structure we stand on was doomed to fall from the start of construction. Ignorance made it that way, but enlightenment can free us.

2012 … all the hype isn’t an illusion; it is clearly visible and has been for decades. Some have screamed it, but none have listened because we’ve been too busy staring into a square box with moving images; and it didn’t say a word about that. Has anyone noticed the slight rise in gas prices? A few cents here, a few there; slowly it is rising, not like before when everyone made such a fuss about oil refineries and whatever else was to blame. But we forgot to look at the real culprit: ourselves and the destruction and consumption of our earth. So this time when gas hits $3 in Glenwood, and it becomes clear that gas is becoming the new gold, will we just sit by and let what we have created get the best of us?

We live in a time where ideas are always present, but action is tardy. The town has these idealist principals that make people say, “Hey, I live in Aspen, I’m doing my part for the environment.” Who can actually say they are doing anything? I know I can’t. Where is our community garden? Greenhouse? Acre upon acre of locally grown food, grown by the local community?!

As a nation, we reached the point of no return long ago. But it is time for the individuals to stand up and be the example. Screw the TV and “Secrets of Aspen,” screw your cars, screw the comforts society has instilled in us since birth; they are going to be the death of us all. Wake up, people! We’re killing ourselves, and we’ve been shoving the blade deeper and deeper each day we accept life as it is.

Let us make a new secret of Aspen: a town where life can and will go on; where the mountains, streams, and town keep changing as the years go by with the falling of water, a leaf, and snow.

Cale Mitchell


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