Lift One task force focused on solutions |

Lift One task force focused on solutions

Dear Editor:

Looked at Toni Kronberg’s letter to the editor in respect to the goals adopted for master planning the Lift One area.

Close ” but no cigar!

She says the current goal, “provides easy and welcoming access to all users that integrate the Lift One neighborhood and town, while minimizing traffic and pavement,” according to Toni, and I quote, “doesn’t address the transportation needs of integrating users from areas outside town who require a different transportation management plan.” That is not true at all. The goal as stated above does just that, with the words “all users.” In her letter, she left those specific words out.

Toni wants a four-mountain gondola system, and that’s great. But connecting the mountains is not under the scope of the work taken on by the Lift One task force.

I think it is important for the public to know this task force incorporates a wide range of opinions and expertise, and welcomes public comment at every meeting. It is also important to know that “goals” need to be broad, while “solutions” are the specifics that will result in a great project.

Finally, on a personal note: Six months from now, after working on this task force, I do not want to be “Bidwelled” when our plan comes to the council. While I can’t speak for the others, I think it is safe to say they feel as I do in respect to producing the best project possible and getting it built.

If anyone in the public wants to know what’s going on, please come to a meeting or ask anyone of the representatives serving. I think you will be pleased with what you hear.

Andrew Kole