Life is precious; treasure it |

Life is precious; treasure it

Dear Editor:

We want to share this story about Josanna Morningstar. She grew up on a farm, caring for animals. In 1994, a neighbor ordered chicks. They arrived dying. Robin and Josanna nursed them for 3 days.

Josanna wrote “One chick seemed so helpless and so unwilling to get better. The baby began to have a difficult time breathing. I had watched nature programs where people had used mouth to mouth breathing to save the lives of animals, so I gave the baby chicken mouth to mouth. As a result of my efforts, the chicken lived.

“From this experience I learned that helping save a life is rewarding and life is a fragile, valuable thing.”

Josanna was murdered by a drunk driver Jan. 1, 2005 in Pitkin County. Please don’t drink and drive. Life is precious and we miss her very deeply.

Janelle Honer, Steve Shaffer

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