Life is like a quilt |

Life is like a quilt

Dear Editor:Last year at this time, I was at a quilt show in Sisters, Oregon, with three sisters, a cousin, and a brother.We wore our “1st Annual Sisters-to-Sisters Quilt Run” T-shirts. A fourth sister couldn’t make it, so our brother became an honorary sister for the day.This year, I can’t make it. Neither can the cousin. But the sister who couldn’t make it last year will be there, and so will a sister-in-law. Our brother who lives in Bend will host the “2nd Annual … Quilt Run.”Last year’s get-together got me to thinking.Life is like a quilt. Both are made up of many patches. In life, there are career setbacks, financial difficulties, physical ailments, social rocks in the road. Disappointment. Disability. Divorce. Death. Unrealized goals. Unfulfilled dreams.What appears to the quilt-maker as a blotch or a not-so-nice patch stands out, like a sore thumb, as the cliché goes. A quilt-maker would prefer not to put imperfections in, and to include only the most perfect patches. We would all prefer not to go through life’s problems.But I know that it’s the imperfect spots that give a quilt its beauty. It’s life’s so-called flaws that give each life its unique success. Maybe it would help to think of dealing with life’s problems as making a quilt. You have to look at the whole thing, and see the beauty in the wholeness.At last year’s show, there were hundreds of quilts on display, and still each one was unique and beautiful and well worth looking at.Each of my sisters, including the honorary one, has endured several of life’s problems, sometimes more than seems fair. Yet when I look at my sisters, it amazes me how beautifully their quilts have turned out.LinelleAspen

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