Lies we tell ourselves |

Lies we tell ourselves

Dear Editor:Don Dixon makes a good point (Aspen Times, Aug. 24). Maybe not the one that he wanted to make, but one that has me thinking about the lies we tell ourselves, as locals. Dixon has every right to drive into Aspen any way he wants. But, do the people who live along Cemetery Lane have any proprietary rights? Will they, one day, look out at Dixon and me and the rest of us, in an unbroken string of trunks at tails? Will they have to suck up our idling smoke and think that everyone of us thinks of their community as a traffic corridor?When I bought my place in Woody Creek, I thought that it gave me a special route to town. See what I am saying? I thought that it would come down to a special bar code on my bumper that gave me more right to take the quiet way into town. Sure, I’m embarrassed that I wanted to get special privileges. But, more than that, I thought that there was a tacit agreement to only drive Cemetery Lane if 82 was out of the question.But, I guess I made that assumption when Bennett was mayor and we knew that there would, soon, be a trolley that took us quietly and smokelessly under Slaughterhouse Bridge and along Rio Grand Trail to the post office and the food and video outlets. Some clever X-er would put up a Station House pub for the drinkers among us. We’d pick up these goofy papers and start the crossword puzzle.The older you get, the more people begin to hear the same arguments out of you. Hey, look, I don’t have to wait in this smoking line of cars! I am special. I have a back-stage pass. What if you had to be driving a hybrid past the top of the hill? We’d have to park at the bridge and get into the hybrids of our passing neighbors, walk up the new bridge or use a smaller bus to climb that hill, hour after hour. Higher marks to those who get in it.Jimmy IbbotsonWoody Creek

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