Lies from the right

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to Sheldon Fingerman (“What was the point?” Letters, Nov. 13, The Aspen Times). You are as well entitled to your right-leaning opinion, even in (according to you) the left-leaning Aspen Times.

So you think it is perfectly acceptable for Melanie Sturm to lie just because it is “an opinion column,” and it is now fully permitted because “lies were coming fast and furious from both Republicans and Democrats”?

Well, that sounds to me like Republican propaganda, which says there is a big debate if global warming even exists. Just because there are a couple of nuts against an overwhelming majority of scientists does not mean there is a debate. The same way, just because there were surely a few lies from the Democrats does not mean that they were in the same league as the Republicans.

So you do not understand why Agustin Goba is “whining about this four days after the election – and your side won!”? Well, you shouldn’t be whining, and Melanie Sturm shouldn’t be lying.

You lost, that is how the majority of American people voted, and maybe you should give it a rest.

Alex Feuer

Snowmass Village


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