Lies and the death of democracy |

Lies and the death of democracy

What ever happened to democracy in Aspen? Where were all these bleeding hearts who are crying to keep the S-curves when the 10-year citizen opinion process was in progress?

My husband and I attended hundreds of focus groups, citizen committees, neighborhood meetings, etc. Both the city and CDOT sponsored a multitude of informational seminars. If you doubt any of this, read a copy of the Entrance to Aspen Record of Decision.

Many of you editorial writers lived in Aspen during this process. Where were you then? It is amazing that you have forgotten the public comment, the alignment and the fact that there are no new stoplights, the benefits of this improved entrance, and so on.

It is amusing that you S-curves lovers decry the new entrance because of the tunnel. If your memories are so faint, LOOK IT UP. The tunnel was at the request of Terry, Yasmine and company to preserve the “open space.” The tunnel was added to pacify your group, not those of us who promoted the modified-direct alignment.

Democracy prevailed: both sides were heard. The decision was made! The only thing that has changed is a few individuals purchased property along the approved alignment and have decided to try to overturn what was a truly democratic process. They are tossing money and falsehoods to promote their scam.

It is pathetic that this group is basing their campaign on known falsehoods:

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* The bridges are in fine shape (call CDOT for the sad true facts).

* New stoplights will be added (Not! Refer to ROD and FEIS).

* The landing zone for the hang gliders will be ruined (Not! Look at the documents).

* Mass transit can exist on the S-curves (not unless they have wings). Refer to the ROD and FEIS, pages II-4 through II-23.

* There are no greater number of accidents on the S-curves (wrong again, read CDOT’s FEIS which studied all alternatives and gave accident stats).

* The S-curves are “charming.” Deserves no sane rebuttal. Go walk the new alignment if you want to see “charming.”

Let us work together to bring democracy back to Aspen, and let’s try to stick to “truth in advertising.” Vote for the modified-direct alignment, aka “the Parkway Entrance.”

Bonnie Murry


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