Lies and more lies |

Lies and more lies

Dear Editor:I watched the Crimes of Zion video, (that was paid for by Steve Campell and his organization, The Truth about 911) shown on GrassRoots TV and found out it can be purchased from a (or is there more than one you can buy it from?) neo-Nazi website. I was shocked that Grassroots TV in Aspen would air a blatant hate film.There are some people who live in a different reality from the rest of us. For these people, facts need to be tailored according to their deeply held beliefs, sometimes stemming from their own hate and prejudice.Anything that happens to contradict their beliefs needs to be explained away. Facts are created or manipulated to support their beliefs and to tell their story.We have people who believe that Sept. 11 was caused by Bush and Co., that the moon landings were faked, who refuse to admit the truth of the holocaust, and believe that Elvis is alive and well somewhere. People have paid good money to read these stories.I’ve never understood if the perpetrators of these tales are so deluded as to actually believe the stories they tell, or if they’re fully aware that they tell lies?Jerome MarksEmma