Library plan works for majority |

Library plan works for majority

I recently had the opportunity to see presentations from both sides in the library issue. The library board has researched, planned, tweaked, re-researched, and re-planned the library improvements over the last four years. The opposition jumped into the fray a little over two weeks ago having done no research at all.They have no idea WHERE the one library should go, or could go for that matter. They have no facts on the cost of land, the flood plain studies, the cost of operations or any of the other thousands of details the library board has researched on our behalf.The library board is composed of your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers. They live and work in this community and volunteer a spectacular amount of time to library issues. Trust that they have come up with the best plan for this valley.It may not be perfect, or fit everyones exact needs, but it works for the large majority of the district. Which by the way is not just downtown BASALT. It also includes Snowmass, Holland Hills, Southside, Emma, Willits, Blue Lake, Missouri Heights, Sopris Village and Im sure many more areas Ive missed.The Willits/El Jebel/Missouri Heights areas are expected to see the most growth over the coming years. Why dont we deserve a quality library there? Why does the ONE library have to be IN Basalt?The library board plan includes one very cost efficient library for downtown Basalt, and also a new wonderful one in El Jebel. The opposition says the new library is too big. Did you know that its 1/3 smaller than the Pitkin County Library in Aspen?Some things you should think about before being swayed by the opposition. Do they even use the library? Do they know how much it costs to run? Do they know how much parking is needed? Vote yes on 4B and 4C.We deserve more space, more books, better hours and better locations for everyone in the district. And one last point our library district has been under funded for years. If this plan isnt approved, the current tiny, cramped, woefully inadequate downtown Basalt Library will have to close an additional day, and will most likely cut back staffing.We have outgrown our library NOW. Dont wait two years for an idea that has no basis in reality. Vote yes on 4B & 4C.Judi SimecekCarbondale

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