Library expansion would attract young people |

Library expansion would attract young people

Dear Editor:

The Pitkin County Library is a fantastic place, but it isn’t given the credit it deserves among teenagers. So that’s why we young-adult library patrons believe the library should get an expansion to create a more desirable space for the children and teens of Aspen.

The expansion plan for the young-adult section would create a positive environment for teenagers to attend. Giving us our own space would cut down the noise disruption that occurs when we teenagers engage in an argument or stimulating conversation. Plus study and tutoring spaces allows students a safe area to work on their academic studies and let them achieve success in school.

An expansion for the children’s library with an interactive learning center that engaged the kids would give them a reason to come back. Showing kids that the library is a constructive space at a young age would set them up to continue attending throughout their school years here in Aspen.

Each time someone has a good experience at the library it would entice them to return. Continuously visiting the library would open them up to a different perception of the building. We’re lucky enough to have an amazing program here, and attracting more people (especially at a young age) would open this program up for the recognition it truly deserves. This library can give young adults the opportunity to read, learn and grow with some fun along the way! And that sets them up for success later on in their life.

Lillian Burrows

Age 14, Aspen High School

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