Library expansion: Book it on Nov. 6 |

Library expansion: Book it on Nov. 6

Dear Editor:

I encourage all members of our community to vote “yes” for the library on 5A and 5B.

The 21st century library is changing to include collaborative and interactive spaces. It’s becoming a place to learn about the use and implementation of digital technology. Digital whiteboards, digital projectors, Skyping and digital video are all tools that advance learning and creativity. Digital tools in our public library also allow us to enjoy content creation as part of the new library experience. All of these elements take up space. There is only one meeting room in the current library, while the proposed addition allows for multiple rooms for various-sized groups, gatherings, screenings and events.

In addition to room for new program areas, more space is necessary as shelving height is reduced and aisles are widened to conform to contemporary standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act and to best practices in contemporary library design.

The modern library is a community gathering place, not just a warehouse for books. Libraries are an important place where community is fostered and sustained in intellectual and social terms – hubs serving youth, teens and adults, nonprofits and the business community as well as second-home owners, visitors and conference attendees. The “Aspen Idea” is well served with what is really a rather modest civic addition to our small town. Please support the library ballot questions.

Judi Harris


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