Library board needs some more diversity |

Library board needs some more diversity

Editor’s note: The following letter was originally sent to Pitkin County commissioners, Eagle County commissioners and the Basalt Town Council.

Dear Editor:

A group of citizens, representing themselves and many people in the Basalt Regional Library District, is concerned with the health and improvement of the Library District board and requests that potential appointees to the board be interviewed independently by elected representatives.

Currently, the Library District board itself interviews candidates and makes recommendations to the appropriate governing entities, which generally rubber-stamp their approval.

We believe that active management of the board appointment process by elected representatives would allow for additional citizen input and make it possible to find a variety of diverse candidates who better represent the needs and desires of the district. In addition, elected officials could advise candidates of the commitment and responsibility they are about to assume. This affords an opportunity to build a board suited to the needs of the Library District.

We share the public concerns raised by several members of the community observing that the Library District board has been and continues to be unduly influenced by the executive director and one or two vocal board members, thereby preventing the board from seeking outside advice or listening to its constituency.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss our concerns in greater detail. You may contact us by emailing Anne Freedman at

Supporters and friends

of the Basalt Regional Library