Library an extension of education |

Library an extension of education

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Aspen for 39 years, raising a family of four children, all of whom have gone through the Aspen school system. The library was an important part of their childhood, starting with preschool story hours, summer reading programs during their school years and study time at the library during high school.

We all still live in Aspen and continue to use the library as a resource center and to access books for leisure reading. We support the plan to modernize our library. Libraries were created to offer all people the opportunity to free access of book lending and limitless information. Everyone benefits from the expansion of learning.

As we are propelled into the vast electronic information age, it is crucial to “keep up.” Most of our other community institutions have updated or expanded their facilities. The library deserves that chance, as well.

The code of the library is silence – let’s use our voices and votes to say “yes” on 5A and 5B.

Kathy Welgos


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